Leaving Albuquerque

We are over 500 miles into our trek to the Grand Canyon.  It is Sunday morning and we are just about to leave the Comfort Inn in Albuquerque, NM, where we stayed the night.  Yahoo Maps says that we have just over 400 miles to go so it looks like we will be at the canyon with plenty of time to do a little rim sight seeing.  Tomorrow morning a man will be taking us on a 4.5 hour shuttle trip around to the North Rim.  We will be crossing the canyon at Marble Canyon.   It is the only place that cars can actually cross for hundreds of miles.  It should be a pretty cool view!.  Tomorrow night we will be sleeping on the North Rim, then dropping down on Bright Angel Trail on Tuesday morning.  I will update when I can.

RIP cfopenBB?

Well, after stuttering stops and starts and project management issues from the start, it appears that cfopenBB may have died.

I sent some work to the project manager this week, which was bounced back to me after a few days after the email server receiving DNS errors for the recipient.  Apparently the project manager has pulled the plug and removed the DNS for cfopenBB, effectively shutting down any communication with anyone that is still on board.  All this without so much as a warning or message stating that intent.    Interesting approach.

Nested grouping with cfouput

It seems that most of the blogs I read are dealing with a lot of the newer advanced features of ColdFusion MX7.  It is easy to forget that there are tons of people that are new to the language that need info on not-so-new features.  Someone on the DFWCFUG list asked the following question this week.

I have a query that is joining several tables.  I cannot get the group
feature to work like I need to in my <cfoutput>.  For example, the query
returns the following results

Tour 1 – Site A – Type A
Tour 1 – Site A – Type B
Tour 1 – Site B – Type A
Tour 1 – Site B – Type B
Tour 1 – Site C – Type A
Tour 1 – Site C – Type B

I would like to group by both site and type?  The group=”site” works but not
group=”type”.  What am I doing wrong?

My answer follows:
Using this hand-built query, I think this does what you are looking for.   I altered the 6th record so that both were under the same type to prove grouping.

qResult = querynew(“tour,site,type”);
queryAddRow(qResult, 6);
querySetCell(qResult, “tour”, “Tour 1″, 1);
querySetCell(qResult, “site”, “Site A”, 1);
querySetCell(qResult, “type”, “Type A”, 1);
querySetCell(qResult, “tour”, “Tour 1″, 2);
querySetCell(qResult, “site”, “Site A”, 2);
querySetCell(qResult, “type”, “Type C”, 2);
querySetCell(qResult, “tour”, “Tour 1″, 3);
querySetCell(qResult, “site”, “Site B”, 3);
querySetCell(qResult, “type”, “Type A”, 3);
querySetCell(qResult, “tour”, “Tour 1″, 4);
querySetCell(qResult, “site”, “Site B”, 4);
querySetCell(qResult, “type”, “Type B”, 4);
querySetCell(qResult, “tour”, “Tour 1″, 5);
querySetCell(qResult, “site”, “Site C”, 5);
querySetCell(qResult, “type”, “Type A”, 5);
querySetCell(qResult, “tour”, “Tour 1″, 6);
querySetCell(qResult, “site”, “Site C”, 6);
querySetCell(qResult, “type”, “Type A”, 6);


<cfoutput query=”qResult” group=”site”>
<cfoutput group=”type”>
<!— list all tours under type —>