Strange issue with suspected latency… anyone???

I have several applications on a server that is exhibiting a long string of oddball behavior that is often unreproducible on other machines.   I have exhausted all that I know to search for on the current issue and thought I would post it here in case anyone happened to have some thoughts about it.

This server (Windows 2003/IIS/CFMX6.1) has been running somewhat normally for a year or so with the code that is on it.  Lately however, when many pages load, they behave as though they are missing some of the HTML or Javascript.  Javascript-dependent menus fail, or sometimes no text at all will be displayed on the screen.  If you view the source, all the code is there.  If you copy that source into a new template and run it, it works fine.  It is almost like the browser is just receiving instructions in the wrong order or something and doesn’t know what to do.  This problem is completely reproducible on the pages that it happens on, but only on that server.  This problem also only happens with Internet Explorer.

My thoughts are that it can’t have anything to do with ColdFusion.  I base this on the fact that the HTML is clearly being written.  It seems to me that it has to be something going on with IIS and how it is delivering the content to the browser.

If anyone has any experience with similar problems, I would love to hear some opinions.

After taking this server offline and bringing it back to the office from the colocation facility, we found that the problem lied with IIS.  We backed up the sites, removed IIS and reinstalled it and it magically worked again.   I will refrain from using the opportunity to express how this has never happened to me using Apache… oh ummm… well, I guess I just did.

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