JRun wsconfig error- Security alert: attempt to connect to JRun server from host

I was experimenting with the Railo 3.3 installer, which includes an IIS connector to Tomcat, which works really well.   Too well in fact!  When I ran it, it actually unmapped all my existing IIS ISAPI mappings to JRun and was sending all requests to Tomcat.

I decided the quickest fix to this would be to simply open up /JRun4/bin/wsconfig.exe and remap the sites that were no longer connected.  However, when I did this, I received the following error:

Could not connect to JRun/ColdFusion servers on host localhost.

Knowing perfectly well that I had an instance of JRun running, I went to the terminal to look at the standard out and saw this:

Security alert: attempt to connect to JRun server from a host

In case that is too hard to read, it says: “Security alert: attempt to connect to JRun server from a host”.   I suspect that because I am attached to a WIFI connection with an IP Address on 192.168.*, and then VPN’d into my company with a second address of 10.252.*, JRun assumes that the connection attempt is coming from outside the subnet.

I went digging through files in JRun4/lib and came across security.properties.  In this file, there is a default setting:


I altered that restriction  setting from “″ to “*” like this:


Once I did this and restarted the server, I was able to use wsconfig without issue.  And my ACF sites are pointed to JRun, my Railo sites are pointed to Tomcat, and all is right in the world again.

NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS ON A PRODUCTION MACHINE!   If you do, I strongly recommend that it is a very temporary change.

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