Interesting mashup – Selenium and CFCUnit testing tools

At last night’s DFW ColdFusion User Group meeting, Tom Woestman shared an interesting project that he is working on in which he has basically integrated CFCUnit with Selnium to perform both component level testing and clientside testing at the same time in a single suite.  I admittedly  had a hard time grasping this a bit at first as I have always considered CFCUnit tests to be a completely different category than clientside browser testing.   For example, when I create CFCUnit tests, I generally have 1-to-1 relationship between a particular test and a service component.  (FooService.cfc and FooServiceTest.cfc).

He also showed how he is using Selenium-RC (Remote Control) which runs as a Java application and spawns the appropriate browser, peforms the test and returns results.  Pretty awesome stuff!

He stated last night that he isn’t quite ready to open this up to the general public yet as he feels that it is not quite polished.  However, he indicated that he is going to start a blog and begin talking about his use of it in the near future.  Expect some links from me as he does as I find this to be pretty interesting and valuable stuff!

Also, DFWCFUG member Derek Bumpas video recorded the presentation last night, so I will try to make that video available if he gets it compressed down to a reasonable size.